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Happy Puppy Day 177%+77FS

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02 February 2023 31 March 2023

Happy Puppy Day March 23!

Healthy puppies have cold and wet noses. You can touch their nose up to 7 times a day, pet them, play with them and take them for walks.

Your favorite slots are like puppies. Play with them more often, and they are sure to please you with winnings. And your favorite bonus package will help you catch your luck.

177% Match + 77 Free Spins

The deposit you make:

from C$27, C$77 or from C$127

determines the slot and bet:

Bozo Cats (bet: C$0.2)

Tales of Dr. Dolittle (bet: C$0.5)

Wolf Saga (bet: C$1.0).

Bonus package redeemable

7 times through March 31.

A Friend for Luck

The most popular dog breeds worldwide are:

1) Labrador Retriever

2) French Bulldog

3) Golden Retriever

4) German Shepherd Dog

5) Poodle

Visit an animal shelter, take a puppy in need, regardless of breed, and you’ll have a devoted friend for years to come who will love you, protect you, and even bring you good luck at gambling!

Keep Animals Safe!

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The promotion is over
The promotion is over
The promotion is over
The promotion is over
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